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Our company runs a plantation of herbs covering an area of 2 hectares where 50-60 species (including 3,000 rose bushes) of herbs are carefully cultivated in order to attain the highest quality and aroma. An expansion program is under way that will increase the cultivated land and provide the raw material in order to meet growing demand for its products. The company is in the last stages of obtaining Certification for organic practices from LACOM and is due to launch into the market its new, herbal organics range of products targeting at the markets of Europe, Asia and USA.

Our online store enables the consumer to purchase herbal cosmetics at affordable prices. Produced in Cyprus by Dr. Katsos.

Exhibition of selected herbal cosmetics made with pure essences of herbs and herbal-based food juices genuine always in last European standards specified for the twenty-first century. Here you will find a series of cosmetic products, range Acne (acne liquid soap/day-night Cream, Acne, Sun Mask), facial moisturizing series (Soap, Lotion/Emulsion spirits, day-night Cream-Zelwdes-Neck Mesh/peeling/Sun), series anti-wrinkle (emulsion, Anti-wrinkle Serum, day-night Cream, mask, Sun), whitening series (liquid soap, lotions with essences, day-night Cream, Peeling, mask, Whitening Serum, Sun), eye series (Eye Oil Cleanser, eye Lotion, Eye cream).